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April 7, 2011
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You Precious Thing by Kagira You Precious Thing by Kagira
You've run so long
You've run so far
Your eyes can be so cruel
Just as I can be so cruel

O hai.
My message centre has cobwebs gathering on it~

Just a tad late with this. Like a month. Hahaha.

For ~warrior-oji's art-jam thingy~<3
The theme for March was Labyrinth, and the first thing I really thought of was the labyrinth itself...that, initially, was drawn in the crystal ball but it looked far too gimmicky. Not too sure about the clock/Sarah element that replaced it, but I'm content(-ish). :>

I know it's not the most complicated concept in the world. Sometimes it's just nice to keep things simple, and I still spent a fair amount of time and effort on it.

Probably only the second time I've drawn an owl (and the first drawing anything remotely spheroid) so forgive me on those aspects. It also looked a bit slanted to my eyes, but apparently it's fine.
Sorry I couldn't get it in on time Oji. T_T (Got a thumbnail sketched for the fantasy theme hehe...deadline may not be met again, but we'll see :c)

Back into my bubble I go. :dummy:


Artwork (c) Linzie G.
Of course, I do not own Labyrinth~
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Vegerot Jun 26, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Totally nailed the fantasy theme even if you didn't submit it on time! The owl just has this expression that says, "What?"
cheshire-dragon Apr 13, 2011  Student Filmographer
It's so pretty! *-* All of your art is always beautiful! And bubbles are nice. :3 I like hiding in mine from time to time. XD

I had a feeling that this had something to do with the Labyrinth... XD I think it was the owl... At first glance, I didn't even realize the reference to the movie in the crystal! ^^;

Still. This is most definitely an instant :+fav:! =D
Kagira May 15, 2011   General Artist
Aw, thank you so much!! Bubbles are awesome~ XD :thumbsup:

Haha, yeah I wanted to make it more subtle while still having a little reference to the movie in there. Glad it had that effect! ;3

Thank you! :heart:
Zinny-chan Apr 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Before I even read your ac, I got right away feeling of David Bowie's Labyrinth : D
Really nice looking and I like how you have used brownish color on this one ;D gives oldish look on this one and soo pretty owl :heart:
Kagira Apr 10, 2011   General Artist
Then my job is done. ;D Bwahaha~<3
Thank you hunneh. :hug: I really wanted to put across that 'aged' look so I'm happy people are picking up on it! ^_^
I want to draw more owls now. .v.
Zinny-chan Apr 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Silly you! XD *tickles*
You are so welcome :hug: ... No wonder you wanted =) it looks great! Nawwwh :3 No wonder...
...Bawwwh .3. You are just so silly have a :cookie: and :huggle:
Kagira Apr 10, 2011   General Artist
Thank you very much, Yu! :aww:
I hope you're well! :)
I'm ok! There's a beautiful sun, here :sun: . Actually it seems summer, and it's strange... but I'm happy! :D
Kagira Apr 11, 2011   General Artist
I'm very glad! ^^ Haha, we have some lovely sunshine here too. It's that beautiful time of year when the sun shines but it's not TOO hot. I'm happy too! :D
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